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    Monday, November 4, 2019

    What is BuyBack Policy? Gold,Silver & Platinum BuyBack | CoinBazaar India

    Are you looking to sell your gold/silver/platinum purchased from CoinBazaar? You’re in luck because we are one of the few bullion portals who offer Lifetime Buyback Guarantee of precious metals. While some brands do not even offer buyback of their products, we have given the consumers the option to sell their coins/bars back to us.

    So buyback is simply a feature that allows anyone purchasing the metal from CoinBazaar to sell back to CoinBazaar whenever they feel like it.

    How does buyback work?

    ·Email info@coinbazaar.in with a copy of your invoice and a picture of the product you wish to send for buyback.
    ·Details will be cross checked and request will be accepted verification.
    ·Courier your Coin/Bar along with the original bill to us.
    ·Upon receiving the parcel we will verify it and transfer the respective amount to your bank account.

    That’s it, 4 simple and easy steps for buyback.

    Should we know something before emailing you?

    ⭑Our buyback policy allows you to sell your coins/bars at 4% lower than current market price. 
    ⭑It is important to retain the original invoice sent by CoinBazaar.
    ⭑If original packaging is missing or is damaged we would get the coin/bar checked for purity which will be an additional charge levied by the customer.

    It is easy to find buyback for Gold but not for metals like Silver and Platinum , we at CoinBazaar will provide you the best bullion buying experience.

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