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    Tuesday, October 22, 2019

    Why corporates should start gifting gold/silver coins to their valued customers, employees and channel partners?

    Is your employee working hard in contributing to your company’s growth? Appreciate your precious employee by gifting precious metals to them. Let them know how much you care by gifting gold or silver coins.

    Just the same way medallions are given to sportsman or the military men for remarkable achievements, it is important for corporates to present medallions in the form of gold or silver coins to help them realise that their contributions are highly appreciated.

    As a gesture of generosity it is also a good practice to gift gold or silver coins to your valued customers, since without the user base your company might not be standing where it should be.Gifting precious metals is becoming popular because it is a rising trend, instead of putting your money into gifts that won’t hold their value after you purchase them, it is a wise decision to gift them precious metals.

    Channel partners have a vital role hence it is necessary to incentivise their efforts and dedication, which in return helps in maintaining a long term relationship.

    Be different and change the way corporate gifting works, let your customers, employees or channel partners know that there is more than customised pens and mugs.

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