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    Wednesday, October 9, 2019

    Know your Metal: Are Platinum Bars a good buy? | CoinBazaar India

    Gold and Silver have been the most preferred precious metals when it comes to gifting or investing due to its popularity, but one metal which deserves the same fame is platinum. You will now find out why Platinum also deserves to be with Gold & Silver.


    Platinum is a noble metal with the symbol Pt and an atomic number of 78, it has numerous uses in the automotive industry since it is used in catalytic converters, apart from the industrial usage it  is used in the medical sector as laboratory equipment, electrical sector as electrical contacts and electrodes, platinum resistance thermometers, dentistry equipment, bullion, and jewelry. Platinum is one of the least reactive metals hence it does not tarnish or corrode hence it is termed as a Noble Metal, similar to the properties of Gold. Platinum is a very dense metal, in fact the density of Platinum is more than Gold and density of Gold is more than Silver, hence more Platinum would be required to make an artifact which would be made out of other metals like Gold & Silver.


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    Even if Gold and Silver are more popular the most interesting fact about Platinum is that it is much rarer than the other metals, most of the people see Platinum as white gold but there is a lot of difference between white gold and platinum. White Gold is basically pure gold mixed with impurity which forms 10K,14K and 18K gold respectively, while Platinum is defined by the term fineness. 18K gold is 750 Fineness while Platinum is available in jewellery as 950 and for coins / bars they are available in 999 and 9999 but in India we can only buy Platinum upto 999. 

    Gold & Palladium cornering Platinum

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    There is no doubt that people might think that platinum is much costlier than Gold but that is no longer true because of Palladium. Platinum was being used as a catalytic converter for a very long time but since the boom of automotive industry it had to be replaced with a cheaper metal with similar qualities so the industry switched to Palladium. As we see now Palladium has replaced Platinum and their price has been reversed as well, as soon as the industry decides to use platinum again we would be able to see Platinum rising as well.

    Platinum is a good metal, it is a metal that you can invest in 2019. Before platinum becomes popular again, it is a good opportunity to get a hold of this metal in the form of coins / bars so you save money from heavy making charges and other wastage charges.

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