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    Tuesday, August 6, 2019

    Easiest way to plan Jewelry for your Daughter's Wedding - SIP in Gold | CoinBazaar India

    We all know how important Gold is to India and it’s people, from a child’s birth to their marriage Gold plays a vital role. Apart from festivals there is one such event where Gold is heavily consumed and that is weddings.

    There are two reasons why Gold is so popular during weddings:

    1. Gold is loved by all , irrespective of the age and gender. It is usually seen that Indian women prefer Gold when it comes to precious metals, is it because of the luster? This is a mystery!

    One reason why women love Gold could be because it boosts women embellishment. Here we come to the first reason why Gold is popular during weddings, mainly because the bride and other women love the metal Gold that they splurge on it just so it makes their apparel more complete.

    2. Apart from Gold being lustrous, one important reason why Gold is popular during weddings is that Gold jewellery is given to the bride to secure her future. Since gold is a safe asset and can easily be sold during emergency hence the popularity can easily be justified. The parent's of a bride want to secure her future and practically give jewelry so she could use it and in case of an emergency sell it off, in such panic conditions selling a house is not practical and neither is it easy to do so. Selling Gold or loan against Gold is the easiest and the most feasible option.

    If Jewellery is to be given to a bride then why suggest Bullion ?

    As you know Jewellery is most popular when it comes in 18K or 22K Gold, that means jewellery is only 91.6% pure, irrespective of impurity that jewelry carries it has maintained it's popularity. Bullion like coins/bars are 24 Karat Gold which is the purest form of Gold and is available in 99.99% purity.
    If we compare the making charges of Jewellery and Bullion it is comforting to know that bullion is the safer option, jewelry is complex to design hence jewelers charge a huge amount over the real value of Gold. 

    What should we do then?

    If you are someone who is planning to get their daughter married in the next 20 years then it is the best time to buy Gold in the form of coins and bars, since bullion has low making charges hence it will be easy for you to gain profit from it and later trade it for 22 Karat Jewelry, this decision will be the best decision you'll make in your life, on the contrary if you plan to buy Gold a month before your daughter's wedding then you can see money going down the drain.
    Planning is important but execution is more important. These days it is common for people to buy 24 Karat Gold and later exchange it for 22 Karat Gold Jewelry because it gives them value for money, we also recommend you to buy Gold coins and bars more often just like a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) because it will help you in the future by getting MORE for LESS.

    We at CoinBazaar have Gold coins in 24 Karat Purity from brands like MMTC-PAMPRSBL , Kundan King Bullion and etc.

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