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    Friday, July 19, 2019

    Top 5 Gifting Ideas with Silver Coins for Special Occasions

    Silver Coin Gifting Ideas

    When it comes to choosing the perfect gift for the perfect moment, we can’t help ourselves but browse the internet for the suggestions. We come across various gifts like photo frames, mugs and other options which don’t seem to be much a creative approach since mostly everyone nowadays follows the same path.

    It’s time to change the game and gift something that will not only put a smile to the receiver but appreciate the effort of brainstorming before gifting.

    Here is our Top 5 list with the occasion to make it easier for you to buy:

    1. Diwali

    A very auspicious day of the year cannot go without the blessings of Ganesh Ji, the remover of obstacles. What is better than sharing wealth on this auspicious day. 

    Checkout more coins from the collection: Diwali Special

    2. Birthday

    We know how important your friends,siblings, parents & employees mean to you, that is why we have one of the best Silver Coin for their birthday’s. 

    Check the collection here: Birthday Coins

    3. New Born Baby

    Are you someone who gives special attention in capturing memories? We have the right product for you, be unique and gift a silver coin for the new member in a family. 

    Check more options here: New Born Baby Coisn

    4. Best Wishes

    The reason you should be gifting a “Best Wishes” Silver Coin is that because it fulfills the requirement of gifting for numerous occasions, such as house warming, getting a new car, graduating from college and so many more.

    Checkout them out here: Best Wishes Coins

    5. Customized Silver Coin – Images + Text

    If you are still not satisfied with the designs above and don’t feel the emotional touch, well then what is better than a Custom Silver Coin, whether you want an image or text or both we can do it for you! Choose the coin weight from 5 Grams to 100 Gram and we will do the job!

    Check them here: Custom Silver Coins

    Gifting silver coins is one of the most sophisticated way of expressing your emotions because it is a way of sharing wealth.

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