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    Friday, July 26, 2019

    TOP 10 Reasons Why you should be buying Silver Coins!

    There are many reasons why you should buy Silver coins but below are the Top 10 reasons which will help you make your decision with ease.

    1. Easy to purchase:

    Silver is a metal which can be easily afforded by anyone in the market looking for precious metals for long term investments, not only is silver affordable but it is also easily available.

    2. Silver outperforms Gold: 

    Image result for silver outperform gold

    Whenever people start buying Silver the price start to rise at a faster rate as compared to gold because silver has a smaller market as compared to gold, as per the historical record it has been observed that silver always has a better jump in pricing.

    3. Gold-Silver Ratio:

    Image result for historical gold to silver ratio

    As per the historical record one can buy 15 Ounces ( 465 Grams) Of Silver for the price of 1 Ounce (31.10 Grams) Of Gold, but the ratio has been 80:1 which means one can buy 80 Ounces of silver for the price of 1 Ounce Of Gold, this gives people the flexibility to buy silver and later trade it for Gold.

    4. Easy to invest and gift: 

    Silver being a precious metals is undoubtedly great for investing but it is also a thoughtful and exquisite for gifting. 

    5. Industrial demand of Silver: 

    Image result for industrial demand for silver

    Silver is heavily influenced from industries apart from personal investments , hence the metal has potential to give excellent returns in the future due to the immense demand.

    6. No ETF’s: 

    There are no silver ETF’s in India and neither are ETF’s recommended due to the fact that paper assets do not come with the guarantee that they are backed with real precious metals. Buying physical silver coins let’s you buy and sell whenever you want.

    7. Increased Demand: 

    Image result for SILVER DEMAND UP

    Since Silver is an undervalued asset people buy silver before it’s too late, the demand for silver will affect the supply since the rate at which mining used to happen has dropped significantly.

    8. Silver Jewellery or Coins: 

    Image result for SILVER COINS

    Silver jewellery is made out of 925 (Sterling Silver) which is only 92.5% pure as compared to silver coins which are made out of 999 and 999.9 purity. Buying coins gives assurance of the purity and the genuineness of the metal content.

    9. Easy to sell: 

       Related image

    Since Silver is a hard asset and easily available, hence it is easy to sell as well, CoinBazaar offers buyback guarantee incase you would like to sell it back to us, if not then you can certainly sell it locally without any issues.

    10. Real Money: 

    Image result for real money gold

    Even if Silver is not being used as currency it is still considered as real money as it it will always hold a value as compared to fiat currency which may breakdown under political pressure.

    If these reasons are enough to make you realize the importance of Silver then we recommend you pay CoinBazaar.in a visit.

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