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    Thursday, July 18, 2019

    How much is a Tola in grams?


    Tola is a traditional unit of mass adapted from ancient India and south Asia.
    1 Tola = 11.66 Grams
    1 Tola = 3/8 Troy Ounce
    1 Troy Ounce= 31.10 Grams
    As per the standard 1 Tola represented 3/8th of Troy Ounce which results in 11.66 Grams but sometimes you will come across the figure 11.33 Gram as well.
    Due to the complexity of the decimals the jewellers decided to set 1 Tola to 10 Grams because creating a gold chain of 10 Grams is easier as compared to getting precision for 11.66 Grams.
    Bullion being sold in India that represent a tola is actually 11.66 Grams instead of 10 Grams. It’s good to see the bullion industry following the traditional method and respecting the history. 

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