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    Thursday, July 25, 2019

    Gold Coins or Gold Jewelry?

    What to buy? 24 Karat Gold Coins or 22 Karat Gold Jewelry?

    A very common question that is asked these days is, Bullion or Jewelry? A very simple answer to this is, if your main motive is to secure funds and invest in Gold which would give returns in the near future then you have to go for bullion in the form coins and bars, if you want to buy Gold for daily usage then jewelry will serve the purpose. Another benefit of 24 Karat Gold is that people tend to buy 24 Karat Gold and later exchange it for Jewelry because they know the potential of 24K Gold. The purity is a guarantee that your Gold will be in the purest form available in the market.

     If you are investing some amount you are doing it because you would expect it to double or triple or just give some returns in the future, that will be true for coins NOT for jewelry. Does that mean that Jewelry will not give returns at all? No, it will give returns but at a slower rate comparatively. The main reason why one would choose bullion over jewelry is due to the high making charges also known as wastage charges which jewelry carries. The more complex the design the more the cost will be, however this issue is eliminated with the purchase of Coins and Bars. 

    Can I buy 22 Karat Gold Coins?

    Yes! If your budget does not allow you to buy 24 Karat Gold then why not invest in 22 Karat Gold coins/bars? It would still be better than buying 22 Karat Jewelry!

    In fact, MMTC-PAMP offers a 22 Karat Gold Coin called the “Sovereign” which is a collector’s piece and minted with the collaboration of The Royal Mint (UK), a very good-looking coin for investors and collectors.

    We encourage you to checkout a wide range of coins and bars from world renowned mints such as MMTC-PAMP, Valcambi Suisse, RSBL, Mint Of Poland, Perth Mint and many more. 

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