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    Friday, July 19, 2019

    3 Reasons you should be gifting Gold Coins instead of Gift Cards!

    Gold Coin Gifting Ideas

    Do you feel like appreciating the presence of your friend, employee, parent or anyone who helped you get out of tough times? Surprise them with a gold coin and make sure to record their reaction. The same way you are appreciating their presence, they will appreciate your presence as well, in the end building a stronger relationship.
    Gift cards are no longer carrying the same popularity as they used to, on the other hand Gold has been popular for thousands of years and yet still maintains its popularity. The reason behind this is the purpose that gold fulfills.
    Gold coins are gifts which carry more gifts within, that gift is the potential that the metal carries in giving a good return in the future. Not only are you gifting a coin but you are contributing in securing someone’s future which is a very thoughtful thing to do.

    Hence these make up our 3 reasons why Gold Coins are the best gifting option:

    1. Gold helps in strengthening relationships.

    2. It carries monetary value which can increase over time.

    3. Can be easily sold when money is required.

    Some of the events on which a Gold Coin can be gifted:

    ·Graduation Day
    ·Corporate Gifting
    ·House Warming

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