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    Thursday, March 30, 2017

    Why Collect Platinum, Gold and Silver Coins and Bars?

    Buying Platinum, Gold and Silver Coins and Bars is cheaper than buying the jewellery! This statement may sound surprising but it is true. For the price that you pay for a piece of jewellery you will get more amount of platinum, gold or silver in the form of a coin or a bar. Also known as biscuits, these blocks of metal are uncontaminated. The purity is higher in coins and bars. For the same weight of jewellery, the coin or bar will hold more amount of the precious metal. When you sell off a coin or bar, you will end up getting a much better price for it compared to a piece of jewellery.

    When you buy jewellery, there is no doubt that you pay for the weight. There are two things you need to keep in mind, regarding the composition of the piece of jewellery. First, the precious metal, whether it is gold, silver or platinum is mixed as an alloy with another metal. This reduced the purity of the precious metal. In order to withstand everyday use, the malleable noble metals need to be mixed with another metal to make them durable otherwise the gold or silver would bend and break easily. Second, the jewellery may contain precious or semi precious stones and gems. They add on to the total weight of the accessory but do not contribute to the weight of the gold, silver or platinum. When you buy these accessories, you pay for the entire weight of the piece. Sadly, the same does not apply when you sell them. Upon selling, you will only be given the price for the actual amount of gold, silver or platinum used in the accessory. So you end up buying more in grams, but selling less.

    The third thing that you need to keep in mind is the labour and making charges endorsed on precious jewellery. When you customise accessories of gold, silver or platinum, the jewellery levies labour charges. These charges are for the manual labour required to mould and shape the metal into the desired piece of design. So when you buy jewellery, you end up paying extra.

    With Platinum, Gold and Silver Coins and Bars, you do not need to pay any extra charges. You only pay for the precious metal. There are no making charges, and the coins and bars are easily available too. Since the weight of the coin or bar almost entirely consists of very pure metal, you get a really good price when you sell them.  

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