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    Thursday, March 9, 2017

    Silver Coins & Bars are a Great Gifting Solution

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    Whenever you need to buy a gift for someone, it becomes a time consuming task. That is if you have figured out what to buy! If you are having difficulties in thinking of the perfect gift, then it may take days for you to buy the gift. For Indian occasions, silver coins and bars are a great gifting solution. They come in different weights and purities, so the price varies. You can buy one according to your budget. It is truly a thoughtful gift because it makes for a great investment. The best part is that you can even customize the coins to emboss them with images or texts of your choice!

    Why Silver Coins & Bars a Great Gifting Solution for any Occasion?

    When you go to sell the coins and bars, you get a good value for them since they are in their pure form. There is no need to mix the precious metal with an alloy to make it stronger. This allows you to get the full value for the weight of the coin or bar. You can find coins and bars with varying purities. The cost is affected as the purity increases. You can look for either the purity or the weight. You can get silver coins and bars starting with the minimal 1gm going up to 200gms.

    Silver coins and bars can be gifted on all occasions. They are considered good luck and are perfect for auspicious occasions. You can choose different designs for different events.

    1) For wedding presents, you can imprint the name of the couple or the date of their wedding. It goes for birthdays and anniversaries as well. Coins in the shapes of hearts are also available online.
         2)For auspicious occasions such as housewarming, roka ceremonies, Maata ki chowki and other traditional Indian ceremonies, you can imprint images of Gods and Goddesses or swastika and kalash. For Ganesh Chaturthi, you can get Ganesh coins in various denominations.
         3)Coins and bars are a great idea to give out as return gifts to your guests. This is especially helpful when you need to hand out gifts to whole lot of people, whom you do not personally. Rather than gifting them something, they may not like, it is best to present them with a silver coin.
       4) Corporate gifts need to be elegant and neutral as well. They need to be useful for a wide Diaspora of people. Coins or bars embossed with your company logo will make for a memorable as well as promotional gift.

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