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    Thursday, March 9, 2017

    Buy Gold Coins and Bars in Various Denominations

    Buy gold and silver

    When gold was discovered initially, people quickly started moulding it into different shapes. These shapes would include jewellery that could be worn by men and women or the kind of jewellery that would adorn Gods and Goddesses in temples.

    Why buy Gold Coins & Bars?

    There is no doubt that gold as an ornament is loved by all but when it comes to investing in gold, people prefer buying gold coins and bars. One of the biggest reasons for this is the purity. Gold, as a metal is soft and can be moulded easily. When it is mixed with an alloy, it becomes strong and can withstand the daily wear as jewellery. Conversely, with gold coins and bars, they do not need to be strong as they are rarely handled. They are stored in a locker most of the time. Coins and bars can be soft without being damaged. This allows them to be pure and the owner gets full value for the product.

    Gold Coins & Bars are available in Various Denominations and Weights

    There are a few trusted places where you can source your gold coins and bars. You need to decide what kind of coin or bar you want to buy, according to your budget.
    Gold bars and coins are available in various weights ranging from 1 gram to 100 grams. The purity of the bar varies, depending on the seller. Generally, the purity starts from 87.5% and goes up to 99.9%. These weights are always available for purchase but if you are looking for larger weights of gold, then the seller may manufacture on request. Bulk orders are also taken up by sellers for 1 kg, 10 kg and 30 kg of gold bars and coins.

    Shapes and sizes do not vary much for gold coins and bars. Coins are round and flat whereas bars are generally rectangular and bulkier, depending on the weight. The only variation you will find is embossing of Gods and Goddesses on the coins. Otherwise, the weight and purity of the gold will be embossed on the coin or bar. If you are looking for religious embossing on coins then you need to check out jewellery stores. Banks provide plain coins and bars.

    You also need to keep a lookout for any new schemes that the government has launched. Gold coins available under a government scheme are trustworthy. You can buy them in the denominations of 5gms, 10gms and 20gms. At other outlets, coins and bars can be bought in denominations from 1gm to 5gms, 8gms, 10gms, 30gms, 100gms and even 1000gms on order.

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